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And it sucks that when I woke up this morning you were the first thing on my mind

" Cause we both know I’ll never be your lover
I only bring the heat “

i care0

Like omg why is it so hard for me to pick up a book and study. Like what happened to free will.. School is like slavery.  I hate it I hate it I hate it. And yeah i know my education is important and yes I am thankful that I have the opportunity to excel academically but seriouslyy! Half the stuff i learn i will won’t help me in the future.

Lol, i go through too much for a 15 year old. 

Lol, Like seriously do NOT wear low cut leotards if you’re gonna wear a shitty ass looking bra underneath. Like i absolutely hate seeing it  

lol, i just read something that made me cry. Funny how a few words can change your mood instantly «

haven’t gone out with my bestie in foreverrrrrr womp